About Our Honey

At GloryBee Foods, we're passionate about honey! Our company was started in 1975 in the garage of Dick and Pat Turanski, and to this day we remain family-owned and operated in Eugene, Oregon, where we pour our passion for honey into every jar. At GloryBee we strongly believe in the healthful benefits of honey and give our guarantee that our honey is all natural, 100% pure, and the highest quality.

However you use it, you are sure to love the great taste and all-natural sweetness of GloryBee. Most of our honey varieties come from the Pacific Northwest and are produced by small local beekeepers. Our imported organic honey is purchased from cooperatives of small beekeepers who are very concerned about the treatment of their bees and the quality of the honey.

Honey Varieties

We have one of the widest selections of varietal honeys of any honey company. Click on variety images below for more information.

Meadowfoam is an herbal plant grown in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. This light amber honey has a delicious, vibrant vanilla flavor.
This unique and fruity honey comes from the flowering orange groves of California.
This premium organic honey has a light, smooth flavor that is great for cooking and baking, or as a spread.
This is the honey you grew up eating! A premium honey with a light flavor.
Fireweed honey has a distinct flavor: light, sweet, and a touch of spice.
Raw organic clover honey has a creamy, slightly crystallized texture and a taste that is more complex than traditional honeys.
A very flavorful, multi-floral honey.
A rich, dark floral honey.
A rich, warm honey from the blackberry patches of the Pacific Northwest.
A dark, robust raw honey from the Pacific Northwest.
A mild, lightly sweet honey with a warm, pleasant aroma.
A raw version of our popular Blackberry honey made in the blackberry patches of the Pacific Northwest.
A very special honey from the Pacific Northwest - sweet and slightly spicy.
The rich, complex flavor of our Organic Fair Trade Honey comes from the native flora of the brazilian scrub forests where it is harvested.
The spicy kick of cinnamon in our honey is a great combination that adds a unique taste to many foods and beverages.
Made from bees gathering nectar in Montana's pristine fields of white clover, this honey has a lush, sweet flavor.